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Intention matters

Create the life you want

Intention Matters

No matter who you are, where you are right now, no matter what you want – Intention Matters!

Intention underpins your every action and already influences every aspect of your life.

Whether you dream of changing the world, escaping the rat race, earning a monthly five-figure income, living more and working less, or finding happiness, Intention Matters will change the way you live your life.

Over the last five years, respected author Juliet Adams has researched the science that underpins intention. Recent research highlights the powerful role that intention plays in transforming a desire or wish into reality.


Intention Matters is an evidence informed, practical guide that will enable you to consciously focus your intention to get the things you most want from life, without the need for a guru!

This step-by-step, practical guide to working with intention teaches you:

  • How to use your natural abilities that you didn’t know you had all along

  • How to identify what you really want from life

  • How to make your dreams a reality by applying the I-Am model and IDEA framework

  • How to apply intention to every moment of your life

  • How to overcome barriers and obstacles

Click to look inside or buy

Click to look inside or buy

create the life you want

We offer:


  • One to one coaching

    • to help you to make your dreams a reality and create the life you want.

  • Workshops 

    • To help you to change your life and achieve your goals by harnessing the power of intention.

  • Trainer training

    • For coaches, business consultants and mindfulness teachers who wish to help others to manifest their goals by working with their mind and brain by applying the IDEA and I-AM models.

  • Corporate workshops to identify purpose and values and identify ways to work together with collective intent.

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