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At the heart of Intention Matters is the IDEA framework.  In the book, Helen's case study is used to illustrate how she turned her intentions into reality by applying the framework.  The following case studies will help you to understand that there are lots of ways to apply the IDEA framework and work successfully with Intention.  


*Note: Case studies are based on real life clients, but names and a few details have been changed to retain anonymity 

man 4
Social entrepreneur

Advik is an Indian social entrepreneur, who owns a company that builds solar-powered portable water purification equipment for the developing world.  


Businesswoman in Office

Helen is a hard-working, driven, highly motivated senior manager working for a FTSE 100 global insurance specialist.


Smoking vintage worker man with long gra
Lives off grid

Hank is a singular individual who has a wealth of practical skills and is great at problem-solving. He lives ‘off grid’ on a small piece of land he owns, tucked away out of sight.


Group of people with VR Headset
Technical entrepreneur

Fernando is a young, energetic, ideological Brazilian technical entrepreneur.  His social tech venture that seeks to ‘wake up the world’ by using immersive technology in a positive way’.


Woman With Newborn Baby Working From Hom

Natasha climbed the career ladder, gaining a senior role in a well-known marketing company.  In her late 30’s she decided to give up work.  After a period of time enjoying being a full-time parent, she felt the urge to work again.


Beautiful girl having fun driving her cu
Motorycle engineer

Sofía loves motorcycles, especially anything old, vintage or retro.  She is a well-respected mechanic with a wealth of knowledge. After many years working as a mechanic in some of the top dealerships, Sofía decided that she wanted her own workshop. 


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