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Case studies

Case studies

At the heart of Intention Matters is the IDEA framework.  In the book, Helen's case study is used to illustrate how she turned her intentions into reality by applying the framework.  Click the button below to view diverse case studies that will help you to understand that there are lots of ways to apply the IDEA framework and work successfully with Intention.  


*Note: Case studies are based on real life clients, but names and a few details have been changed to retain anonymity 

Tools and techniques

In our book Intention Matters, we outline the IDEA framework - a four step model neuroscience informed  framework that will help you to identify, distil, embody and take the necessary action that will make your intentions a reality. 


Click the button below to view tools and techniques that may help you to change your life, achieve your goals, manifest your wishes and dreams and create the life you want.  


Guided exercises

As detailed in our book, Intention Matters, research suggests that people who are really good at manifesting things with their thoughts do so because they are able to use the power of intention in a very sophisticated way. 

Many people who successfully work with intention start by first clearing the mind via a meditative state, and then achieving a deep and intense focus. Some say that doing so brings about intention mastery, as opposed to wishful thinking. Hundreds of research studies demonstrate the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation as a tool to focus your attention. Click the button below to play our guided MP3 recordings. 

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